Thursday, September 4, 2008

Obama Morning Break.....Pit Bull Palin, Roland Martin

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Sarah Palin, Pit Bull in Lipstick

Listening to Palin was a throwback to the vitriolic Ann Coulter.

For me, and many others that type of speech, just won't do.

In Palin's speech she spoke nothing about what the McCain administration will do about the economy, period. Why? Polling has proven the the Republicans lose on the issues. The only to attempt to win is to play the "personality politics" or "identity politics".

The identity game is making the election all about Barack Obama and not of the issues, hoping the voters will get caught up and ignore their pain.

Can it work? Sure, it can, but the Obama Campaign must now come out forceful, with haste and a plan to make sure this election is about you, the voter.

Last night was a nice looking woman, acting like a pit bull with lipstick on but saying nothing.

Last night was the GOP, with the old white men, no diversity cheering her on.

I wrote earlier that this speech was for the base, to get the base back in the fold, that was her mission and she did it.

Expect the poll numbers to tighten, since most leaners of Dems and Repubs have gone back home. Now is the fight for the middle. Palin won't help there, much, but will continue to be the attack dog "unleashed".

Now it is the Democratic Women's turn. It is about taking Palin down and exposing her for what she is. Which is nothing more but a LIAR.

Video of Palin Speech.


Joe Biden's Response on Today Show


'Pit bull Palin' sinks her teeth into Obama -- crowd eats it up

So this is "Pit bull Palin." Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin --in the GOP convention's most anticipated appearance -- asked the delegates Wednesday night who got their first look at John McCain's surprise pick as a running mate if they knew "the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull."

"Lipstick," said Palin.

"Pitbull Palin" was talking about herself as she made history by becoming the second female in U.S. history to be part of a major party presidential ticket.

Palin did not flinch as she sliced, diced and mocked Barack Obama in her debut speech on a major stage. "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities," she said to a roar. continue



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