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(Late Edition) This Week With "The Democratic Nominee", Barack Obama, August 24-31, 2008

barack, joe in dublin, ohio


michelle, jill at yankee kitchen family restaurant, boardman, ohio


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Focus Group Not Good for McCain
Palin Trooper Scandal Could Become Problem
Was McCain's VP Pick Ever An AIP Member?
Palin Was a Director of Embattled Sen. Stevens's 527 Group
Michelle Obama Attends Care Packaging Event For Troops
Kennedy passes the torch to Obama

the obamas and bidens at the yankee kitchen diner

Reflection the Democratic Convention

First off, this was one of the best staged conventions that I watched on television in years. Usually, these conventions are boring, but not this year. In fact the ratings were off the chain from Monday to Thursday. It averaged 30 million viewers a night. These numbers are huge for a political event and proves that the public is getting engaged.

From the surprise speech of Ted Kennedy; to the passionate plea of Michelle Obama; to the "set the record straight" speech of Hillary Clinton; to the "Yes he can, but first you got to vote for him" speech of Bill Clinton; to the introduction of Joe Biden; and to the final climax of the best convention speech given in modern day history by Barack Obama, it was a smash.

Some other speeches I fondly remember is Governor Schweitzer of Montana, this was the one speech my husband said, "should have been the keynote address." John Kerry's peeling the onion of John McCain and George W. Bush made me wish he was like that in 2004. Senator Bob Casey stating we don't need four more years, we can't take four more months. The democrats followed the lead of Obama with the ending being a convention to be talked about for years to come.

Job well done, Democrats.

obama's acceptance speech to the democratic convention in denver, colorado

Photo Blogs

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Biden can deliver what Dems need: votes and wisdom
For disciplined Obama, character is destiny
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joe biden's acceptance speech at the democratic convention

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icebergslim's last word: our team is the best team

After the past three days and all that drama? Compare our team to their team.

God Bless, Joe Biden.

Nuff said.


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well, barack is our official nominee and he has joe by his side. after all this weekend drama, i told my mother, "i am glad joe biden is barack's vp." can you just imagine after all this crap, otherwise? at any rate, we have a lot of work to do. continue to donate to the campaign, and you can tip my obama jar for that. continue to volunteer, phone bank, all information below. the general election has commenced, as always keep your powder dry and remember to focus on obama and not the drama.....................


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