Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is why the Vice Presidential pick is IMPORTANT.

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That image above is burned into the minds of millions of Americans.

Why I bring this up is quite simple, John McCain is 72 years old and has had 2-4 bouts of cancer, will become the OLDEST president that this country has ever elected.

Can you imagine Sarah Palin in the role of LBJ? Vision the above, take away what happened in this picture and put Palin in this role.

This is why, for me, she is a disastrous pick.

You know things are not going your way when you put your wife on ABCs "This Week" to justify Palin's foreign policy experience by stating Alaska is close to Russia? You know your campaign has issues.

Why, again? Sarah Palin has never traveled anywhere. She got her passport, as governor, when she visited troops in Germany and Kuwait. This does not justify having a candidate with a global view. Can you imagine her negotiating anything with Putin, al-Maliki, etc., staring down her throat? I don't see it. And this premise by Charlie Black, McCain Aide that she will learn foreign policy as she goes along is the very point why she should not be the Vice Presidential candidate. When you have an old presidential nominee, you need assurance to the American public that voting for him means, if something happens to the president, that vice president will step in with NO ISSUES.

This is what the John McCain pick has resulted in. John McCain's lack of judgment. We know Palin has other issues politically on her policies and views, but in the end it is John McCain's judgment that will take the brunt, not Palin's.

McCain's lack of judgment to thoroughly vet Palin, make a wise choice, pick a strong choice, but more importantly to choose a person who will be ready to be President of the United States, DAY ONE, if something happens to McCain is the issue here. This is what Americans will chew on, especially as more information of Palin comes out.

McCain has brought his age back to the fold and it is exposed on the table. Americans now are processing this pick and in the end I think America will view this as I do.

John McCain is 72 years old. John McCain has/had health problems. John McCain picked a novice. John McCain's VP pick has no foreign policy experience. John McCain's VP pick has traveled very little to the lower 48 and virtually has not traveled internationally at all. John McCain's pick has been a governor for less than two years and was a part-time mayor prior of a town with less than 7000 residents. What if something happens to John McCain? Will this VP pick be ready on DAY ONE to assume the responsibility of the presidency?

Answer: NO.


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