Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The bar is so low, a baby can crawl over it.

That is Sarah Palin's speech.

Let's be honest here, her speech will encompass her love and passion for her family. She will state she is not perfect, that well "shit" happens, in regards to her daughter. She will go after the liberal blogs, like Daily Kos and the liberal media, like the New York Times. She will reinforce McCain's position. She will present herself as a woman who is charge and ready to lead on DAY ONE.

It will be eaten up, because most of America doesn’t know anything about her. The cocoon of the Xcel Center in St. Paul will be warm and fuzzy.

For them, with Palin, no bar is necessary.


That is nice and good for the conservatives, but the rest of America is another question.

Just do a poll, simple in your office, at your kids’ basketball games or soccer games, at the beauty and barber shops, and you will find a different take on this.

As kos, pointed out about Obama's gain in the polls, some of it is post-convention but a lot is the uncertainty of the Palin pick. To back this up, view the new McCain ad below, comparing Palin to Obama.


I remember watching this Friday and discussing this with my husband when he came home, distinctly stating, "She deserved a better rollout than this." All this stuff coming out now and in daily dose cannot be a welcome mat for John McCain. In fact, the campaign now is controlling and giving no access to Palin, in doing so they are just feeding the media frenzy, themselves.

I don't blame Palin for this. The blame falls on the McCain Campaign for improper vetting, or lack of it. While the McCain Campaign can rant about unfair treatment of Palin, the issue is why would this campaign put their VP nominee on the barbecue grill to burn? This is what they have done, unfortunately.

The coverage about Palin has been uncovered by the blogosphere and the MSM. Why? The McCain Campaign gave no information, forthcoming about Palin. Their biggest bumble and the very FIRST public information about her family is her 17 year old daughter, pregnant and unwed. This is no big deal, it truly is not. This happens everyday in America, mostly due to lack of sex education and birth control information. With all the drama going on about the Palin Family, why would McCain think or believe he could fool the public and media with no vetting of this candidate? Mind boggling.

I do believe the National Enquirer when it said it informed Palin that they were going ahead with the pregnancy story, found Palin's teen's boyfriend, etc. Again, it took the NE for a politician to come clean. Déjà vu, for sure.

After all of this, it has been a steamroller that just won't stop on Palin. Is it just or fair? Not regarding her daughter, which most have not dumped on, but everything else, yes. Remember, Barack Obama had to go through this and it was not pretty. Remember, Hillary Clinton has gone through this since 1992; a lot of it was not pretty. Palin and McCain should have expected the same.

In the end, this is about the judgment of John McCain. This is about how reckless a Commander-in-Chief McCain will be. This is about how easily led and swayed McCain is. This is about John McCain, period.

As for Palin? A friend reminded me that she is the female version of George W. Bush:

Failed business = check
Religious conservative = check
Using her authority to abuse the law = check
Governor of an oil state (and friend to big oil) = check

That says it all = check


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