Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The phrase "baby daddy" has a new meaning.

I did not watch the Sarah Palin show, will catch that show later on video, but my husband did.

He came away with many impressions, but one made a lasting impression with him.

The visual of Palin's pregnant teenage daughter and her terrified boyfriend.

My husband said, "Is this the role model of the president and vice president families? Is this the norm? Is this the role model that our young kids should see and that it is just cool and ok. Because if this is what the presidency and vice presidency has been dumbed down to, we really need to do everything to make sure Obama and Biden win."

I am liberal, to the core. My husband is a staunch conservative on family values. That picture disturbed him.

Then was the question, "What if it was one of the Obama girls? Would it just be ok and they too, a role model?"

Funny, this is what he walked away from after watching Palin.

Democrats, we need to win this one and win it badly.

As my husband walked away, I did not process his words at first, because really so what and who cares about a pregnant teenager? But he did.

My husband cares about this country and along with it are the people we elect to represent us, they are our faces and our images.

Along with electing them, we elect their ideals, their values, their beliefs. This is all part of what a president and vice president are.

Finally, this is not a knock on Bristol Palin, but just a knock on how that campaign has used her as a wedge issue and had her sitting up there for everyone to see.

That is the real pity of it all.


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