Thursday, September 4, 2008

John McCain is Dole '96


Change is Coming!!!

Well, McCain since you are touting this, can you start with the GOP? Your campaign looked like a bunch of old, white guys. You have very few women and no flavor in the mix. Instead, your campaign was a throwback to Eisenhower, Nixon. Is that change? If it is, Dole '96, for you.


You must have done some polling, tossed the experience meme and attempting to grab onto the "change" meme, with Palin in tow. Problem is, McCain, you are a reminder of why this country is f*cked up right now. That means no change for you.


Does that mean you will go into the caves and get bin Laden? Since, you keep saying that "you will go to the gates of hell", to retrieve bin Laden. Oh btw, just ask Musharraf he knows the cave number.


Does that mean you really understand the crisis of the mortgage industry and that the Federal Reserve have no confidence in this economy? Can you or Palin even spell e-c-o-n-o-m-y? Better yet, while people are being tossed out of their homes, losing their American Dream can you tell Cindy to tone it down some? That bling and outfit costing 300K can equate to a lost home or several. At least fake that you care!!


Does that mean you will follow the advice of the Iraqis and get the HELL OUT OF DODGE, in Iraq? Or will you stay the course, keep greasing the palms, attempt to take the oil and just remain in Iraq? Do you listen, McCain or do you just do what you want to do? Ummmm.


When is Sarah Palin doing press so the American public knows her view point? We keep reading scandal, her positions, and her beliefs every day. When is she going on Meet the Press, Face the Nation, This Week and even over to Wolfy's show? Or is it that she is too busy from here on out in VP School? We know she must attend, since she knows jack outside of Alaska and have traveled very little. Make sure she knows who is placed where and who is doing what in foreign policy. Especially, since she believes we can drill ourselves out of our energy crisis. sigh.


Are you going to change your position for equal pay for women? Since, Palin is your sidekick and keeps referencing Hillary Clinton, does she know what Hillary Clinton stand for? Obviously, she needs additional "political 101" lessons, make sure she gets that, ok?


It is a word, but means a total break from the failed policies of Bush/Cheney. Since you voted 90% of the time, you think that is change? I believe more of the same.

Lastly, McCain you gave one of the most boring speeches in modern convention history. You reminded me of Bob Dole, 1996, old, boring, no sensation, no excitement, no nothing and look where he is. Nuff said. Change is not a 72 year old man, with a gimmick sidekick for youth who offers the public nothing.

Change is Barack Obama.

We look forward to you joining the Bob Dole Club of 1996, after November 4, 2008.


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