Thursday, September 4, 2008

Time to call Sarah Palin what she is, a "LIAR".

I finally watched Sarah Palin.

Aghast, pet bull with lipstick, indeed but not my shade.

What further got me was the lack of inclusiveness of the GOP Party.

I never saw more old white men in my entire life.

Will this work? After the disastrous eight years of George W. Bush, will it?

I don't know, but tend to think in the end, it won't.

Sarah Palin is a divisive, sock puppet, lightning rod. She said what she had to last night to energize the GOP base. She did that. I knew that she would, wrote about it on my blog.

Sarah Palin also laid out what the GOP will run on starting Friday, the politics of personality. This is what came out of McCain's Campaign Manager's Davis' mouth.

Why go down this road? Well, the Republicans won't win on the issues. It has been polled and they won't. McCain knows this. So, enter vitriolic Palin, who makes divisive comments to take the American public's mind off their problems and attempt to make it personality politics. This is the last card standing folks.

The problem with this is that it is not 2000 or 2004 and people out in this country are LEGITIMATELY hurting. They are losing the American Dream. They are being thrown out of their homes. Financial institutions are on shaky ground. Children are unable to afford college. People are losing their jobs at rapid speed. More on unemployment rolls that ever. Wages are being cut everywhere. Gas prices soaring. Food prices are soaring. Prescription medication is becoming unaffordable.

That laundry list above is growing, not shrinking. So, if you were the GOP what would you do? Make this a personality debate.

A couple of other thoughts before I wrap up.

The McCain Campaign want to make this Obama vs. Palin. Sorry, Barack Obama does not need to answer Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has not won anything. She never campaigned in the lower 48 for any primary. She was appointed on a ticket with McCain, nothing more or less. Barack Obama is the Presidential Nominee for the Democratic Party. He is not running for Vice President. Any response to Palin needs to come from the Obama Campaign, not the candidate. This is what the McCain Campaign wants, a gutter fight of Obama vs. Palin.

Not happening. There will be plenty to dethrone Queen Palin and put her back in her place, but it won't be from Barack Obama.

Lastly, it is now time to call Sarah Palin a ball faced liar. It is time for the Obama Campaign to outline, lie after lie, and call the McCain Campaign on it. You can not continue to have lyin' Palin talk about a bridge to nowhere when she was behind it.

See putting a lipstick on a pit bull worked four years ago when the country was not tuned into what really happened with the Iraq War. It worked when many were not going through the hardships they are now. This is 2008, different time, and folks want answers.

It is our job to make sure that folks know the facts, not the myths, but the facts of the continuation of the Bush/McCain administration to avoid this ticket being elected.

Video of Palin Speech.

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