Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rachel Maddow on why President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize (Video)

I saw this segment from Rachel Maddow's show last night and felt the same way on why President Obama deserves this Nobel Peace Prize. The faux outrage from the Republicans and right wing crazies is all about hate. This from the same people who jumped up and down in glee that the United States lost the 2016 Olympic bid. The more this is done, the more these idiots look like unpatriotic Americans. George W. Bush DRAINED all the good will and political capital that the United States of America had with is "us vs. them", "axis of evil" tone coming from the United States. And we paid the price for it, we had to go it alone in Iraq and look what has happened, we found out that we had no business going there and destroying that country and have paid in the billions to trillions for two wars that have brought us NOTHING in return but almost bankruptcy.

We have all been through this for two years. Barack Obama was the only candidate that campaigned on talking to our enemies, talking about diplomacy, talking about removing nuclear arms and he was ridiculed. Barack Obama was constantly told he has done NOTHING to deserve the Democratic Nomination, in fact Hillary Clinton was so sure that the super delegates would give the nomination to her that she campaigned to the very last state up until June. Barack Obama was told he was not ready, needed to wait, and had not done nothing, enough to be President of the United States. Well, all those conventional wisdom know it alls were wrong, as they are wrong now. In the end, when history will speak, many will say he deserved it. h/t Daily Kos

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