Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Obama says, "Terrorists are still plotting...." (Video)

Well, this is all about the bad news out of Afghanistan. For me, terrorists will ALWAYS BE PLOTTING, the thing for the United States is to thwart it so it is not able to magnify. Continuing a war in Afghanistan, eventually, is a no win situation for this President. The domestic front is riddled with problems, people see the government continuing to spend money on wars that are becoming a vapor for some, unemployment has magnified but the real scare is that there are NO JOBS out here. For many Afghanistan is just more money being spent for what? Oh, yes, Osama bin Laden. If found, or if he is alive, would be a physical win and we can shut all this down. But if we never find him, are we going to continue on this course and continue to spend, as Barack Obama has said, "10 billion dollars a month?"

Eventually, all this needs to END.

President Obama at the National Counter Terrorism Center outside of Washington, D.C.

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