Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This should be the question, "Why are Americans cutting back on health care to save money?"

What kind of country is this? Do we have any morality? I don't care what the Republicans CLAIM about the UK, Canada, France, etc., these countries know the value of LIFE and take care of its citizens. There is no excuse for what this so called "health care system" is in this country, none. We boast and brag about being the best, which we are not, but don't give a mickey-fickey about its citizens. The very minute we allowed the health care industries to go to Wall Street was when all the humanity and empathy left from this industry.

Getting it back, as we see is a bitch, but can we is the real question. Health care is not for the very wealthy and no one else, this is a life and death matter to millions of families, but you don't get that from the health care industry.

When are we going to say enough and I mean from the top on down to who represents us to give us what we demand. Real health care reform and not a vapor.

Lastly, when are we going to get tired of bailing out banks, Wall Street, the auto industry, paying on year 8 on wars with no sight in the end, and start paying for us, the American tax payer. That is where all this outrage is going.

Many Americans have been putting off doctors' visits, forgoing medical tests and taking expired medications to save money over the past year, according to a new poll by Consumers Union.

The survey by the nonpartisan organization found that 51 percent of Americans have "faced difficult health care choices in the past year."

Despite overwhelming concern about how to pay for health care, however, there's still no clear public or political consensus on how to overhaul the system.

The Senate Finance Committee is expected to take a final vote on its plan later this week or early next week, with Democrats split over whether to create a government-run alternative to private health insurance or set up a system of co-ops, nonprofit member-run insurance companies. read more here...

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