Thursday, October 8, 2009

It is the ECONOMY STUPID and the Obama Administration needs to get on it (Video)

Economy is number one issue on the minds of people in this country. Creating jobs are going to be the number one issue going into 2010. If the unemployment numbers are what they are today, next year this time, Democrats are going to have a very hard time. And Obama get off the tax crap. We have bailed out all the big wigs in the bank and Wall Street game, but nothing is coming to Main Street. Today in the City of Detroit the unemployment numbers are 27.8% in that city ALONE. 35,000 residents lined up in the streets for federal stimulus money to help pay for housing, but only 3,500 will get it. The unemployment numbers are continuing to go up and I mean in folks not being able to find a JOB.

This is the challenge for the Obama Administration and Wall Street is not an accurate measure of what is going on out here. With NO JOB CREATION, how are folks going to be able to find a job. And all this vapor of Wall Street and their money, that is not the reality on Main Street. Obama Administration wake up on this. The main issue is still many neighborhood banks not able to get credit, students unable to get loans, continuous problem with mortgage loans for many is not happening out here on Main Street.

Lastly, something my mother said has stuck with me, "...letting all those jobs go overseas has come back to bite us in the ass." I agree, until this country start making something again, we are going to see lines like this bellowing all over the country.

From The Ed Show:

Anger of people is boiling slowly, if we are still talking about this next year before the mid-term elections, the Obama Administration and the Democrats are in trouble. And the NUMBER ONE issue with Americans is the economy, get on it Obama Administration.

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