Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oklahoma outing women who had abortions

Oklahoma plans to display all women who had an abortion, to put their information on a public website.

All I can type is that this shit is outrageous.

Many women have had abortions, for whatever reason, and yes, to some to SAVE THEIR LIVES, but to put this out there is totally bogus. And we can bet that it is the same old style of PALE, STALE, MALES that are making this type of decision in regards to women.

On Nov. 1, a law in Oklahoma will go into effect that will collect personal details about every single abortion performed in the state and post them on a public website. Implementing the measure will “cost $281,285 the first year and $256,285 each subsequent year.” Here are the first eight questions that women will have to reveal:
1. Date of abortion
2. County in which abortion performed
3. Age of mother
4. Marital status of mother (married, divorced, separated, widowed, or never married)
5. Race of mother
6. Years of education of mother (specify highest year completed)
7. State or foreign country of residence of mother
8. Total number of previous pregnancies of the mother: Live Births, Miscarriages,
Induced Abortions

Can I ask whose fucking business is this? And the Republican Party is wondering how they have lost and are still LOSING the women vote? Again, feels like you are in 1850, not 2009.


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