Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Democrats have a problem in the name of Charlie Rangel (Update)

As I watched some of Dylan Ratigan's Morning Meeting on MSNBC, one thing that was said is totally right, "...Rangel has been in congress for 20 terms..." Folks, that is 40 years and the ethical mess he is in probably is attuned to Rangel not keeping CURRENT and knowing what is allowed and not in congress. Is it an excuse, NO, but when you are walking around the halls of congress for 40 years, you continue to think and believe that you are the big cheese and unstoppable. This is Rangel.

I have written about Congressman Rangel and his ethic problems, not pretty. Yet again, we see Rangel untouched by forcing him out of his powerful chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee.

Democrats, if you don't take Rangel out the Republicans eventually will and to your expense.

The Republicans are, however, completely right about Rangel. Whenever a powerful committee chairman has so many problems that you need a timeline to keep all the allegations straight, he is a liability. When those problems revolve around things like failure to pay taxes, it is not a good plan to have him be in charge of tax policy.

I say this with great sadness because Rangel is my congressman. My neighbors and I have heard about the totally ludicrous benefits that are showered upon the constituents of a powerful committee chair. Ever since he took control of the Ways and Means Committee, we have been waiting for our ship to come in. Perhaps bearing a special subsidy for families who live near a large number of pigeons. Or an extra lane on the West Side Highway that only residents of the 15th Congressional District are allowed to use.

Despite my great stake in keeping Rangel in his current post of power, I’m not prepared to argue that you can have a chairman of the tax-writing committee who failed to declare $75,000 in rental income on a Caribbean villa on his tax returns. Or one who seems to think you can turn yourself into a resident of two different cities if it gets you cheaper housing — and that the House only requires its members to list their financial assets beginning with the letters F through M.

The Democrats made no attempt whatsoever to defend Rangel when the Republican resolution came up in the House. They just swiftly and sullenly referred it to the ethics committee, which is currently embarked on Year Two of its Charles Rangel investigation.

The Democrats won the house and senate in 2006 due to the War in Iraq and primarily due to the continuous ETHIC SCANDALS of the Republican Party and their inability to police its own. Democrats, you need to police your own and starting with Rangel.



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