Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is not what I voted for.

TomP has a diary up, "Compromise? Robust Public Option w/ State Opt-Out?"

Now, I did not know what that MEANT but after watching Sam Stein from Huffington Post on The Ed Shultz Show, the reality is that to get the 60 votes (that is what President Obama wants so he can raise his bi-partisan flag), the public option can be relegated to state level.

But get this, the state has the CHOICE if they want it or not.

As the Isley Brothers have sung, "...a bunch of bullshit going down...."


Let's be clear here and I can not type it enough. This is not what we voted for. When I say we, I am talking about Independents and Republicans who joined us to vote the Obama Administration in. This is not what we voted for.

We already saw this show, we saw it this summer, in August, with the health insurance companies backing vapor groups, they took over the health care debate in town halls across this country. We saw this.

So, does anyone expect the insurance companies to do any less than to put pressure on all these states to DENY any public option?

It is time for many of us to realize that these politicians are more crooked that a crack in the ground. And can you IMAGINE these insurance companies, wining, dining and writing checks to our lowly state legislators? They have been bought and sold for the LOVE OF MONEY. Remember the O'Jays tune? Well, it is true.

Has anyone asked themselves why, just why, it has taken so long for anything to get done in Washington, D.C.? Why just inchworm steps are taken to change anything? These politicians are shady, lost, sellouts to their lobbyists checks. Period.

Every damn poll has shown that the public option, a government run public option is wanted, yet we have the spineless Democrats in congress who will not do the right thing.

I am recovering from abdominal and intestinal surgery. I had similar surgery 15 years ago and it cost me ZERO. Yet, I did have some complications this time around, it was not for FREE. In total I am looking to spend around or over 5,000 and this is cheap for a 65,000+ procedure. Yet, there are many who have insurance which for the same procedure they will pay much more due to their insurance plan and let us not even think about those who don't have it. Lastly on this, my insurance company DID look at my history and pre-existing conditions, but THANKFULLY for Illinois it expires at 10 years. Damn, what about those that are walking around, as I did, in pain and need it but they don't hit that 10 year mark!!!! And we expect the states, which are 1/2 run by Republicans to want a public option for their constituents? No, boo-boo, this is all about money and the pressure that will come down on each and every state to demolish, dissuade any public option.

This is not what I voted for.

Finally, the CBO gives the GREEN LIGHT for Senator Max Baucus plan. Wow, I wonder if this is what the Obama White House was waiting for, more importantly is the line drawn harder in the sand.

I just drew my line, deeper, harder and unmovable on this issue.

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