Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yes, the Holocaust Museum "does validate" the DHS report

I can't write this enough, YES IT DID.

Civil rights activists say a string of recent attacks blamed on right-wing extremists, including Wednesday’s shooting at the Holocaust Museum, show that conservative critics were too quick to fault the Department of Homeland Security over an April report warning about the potential for such violence.

The report was roundly criticized by Republicans for painting conservatives as a threat—particularly military veterans and those opposed to abortion or immigration – and DHS later withdrew the report.

And what has happened in a two week window? An abortion doctor was murdered by a far right winged extremist and a former military officer shot up the U.S. Holocaust Museum, killing an officer.

All this information was in the DHS Report. A report that conservatives and Republicans criticized HEAVILY. Now they are no where to be seen or heard from, because they were totally WRONG.
“I think this latest round of killing once again shows how ridiculous the criticism from the right of the Department of Homeland Security report was. That whole brouhaha was absurd,” said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center. “Rush Limbaugh and John Boehner can go on until the end of time about how [the report] was an attack on conservatives, but in reality it was a perfectly sober assessment of what was going on out there.”

“We felt the DHS report was pretty right on,” said Deborah Lauter of the Anti-Defamation League. “Clearly the election of Obama, the current financial crisis, and the discussion of immigration reform –those things have certainly fueled the right wing extremist movement in this country….There are clear indications that the rhetoric is manifesting. We hope it’s not the tip of the iceberg.” read more here....

Again, why in the HELL should we listen to the Republicans?

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