Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hardball's panel on the right winged hate, including the continuous hate of Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh (Video)

If the GOP wants to resurrect itself, it needs to cure its addiction to hate and bigotry

That is the reality, here. As long as the GOP continues to let all these right winged noise makers, craft and align their party to just old males who are pale and stale, then they will continue to have issues. Lastly, put the Lee Atwater playbook down. The book which divides this country on wedge issues, racial issues, social issues, sexual issues, this playbook is not relevant today. Why? Well, look at the make up of this country now, it is a melting pot of diversity and many are not welcomed into the Republican Party because they are not male, pale or stale. That is why. The more this old bigoted playbook is used by the GOP, the more they alienate the very voter they NEED.

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