Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Secretary Janet Napolitano and DHS was right about the growing RIGHT WINGED HOME GROWN TERRORISM

Remember when DHS put out a report on the rise of right winged home grown terrorism? Remember? And remember it was the Republicans who were angry about that report and slammed Secretary Napolitano and DHS? The push back made DHS retract some of the intial findings, remember?

Well, DHS was RIGHT.

Since the planned, blantant murder of Dr. Tiller in Witchita, Kansas and now the event today with an elderly white supremist shooting and killing at least one guard at the U.S. Holocaust Museum, brings everything to the front.

These are domestic terrorist acts. Purposefully planned, scripted to get the maximum effect by killing large number of persons or famous/controversial individuals.

Republicans and all the Republican chatter boxes, shut the f*ck up on this one, you were wrong. What happened today at the Holocaust Musuem was horrific, plain and simple. Maybe you need to realize that fighting every single thing that the Obama Administration releases is not for your own good, especially information on home grown terrorist groups.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, hate was on the march in St. Louis. About 85 members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), the nation’s largest neo-Nazi group, gathered in the shadow of the famed Gateway Arch for a march and rally celebrating its 35th anniversary.

Clad in all black, with their pants tucked into tightly laced combat boots, the group carried swastika flags and signs urging immigrants to leave the country. They chanted “Sieg Heil,” a popular rallying cry in World War II Germany, accompanied by a Nazi salute: one arm outstretched, fingers tightly joined, palms facing down.

Their critics say that groups like NSM are the faces of homegrown hate, something the NSM denies. They instead call themselves a “white civil rights organization.” Its ultimate goal is to whitewash America. If they had their way, U.S. citizenship would be limited to “those of pure white blood”; minorities would live in the country as guests. All Jewish people and gays would be forced to leave and immigration would be prohibited.

As shocking as those views are, groups like this are more popular than ever. read more here...

If the DHS puts a damn report out with information for the public, especially about the influx and increase of domestic terrorist groups, it would be wise to listen and take this information for what it is. The totally irresponsible pushback from the right was not only wrong, but makes them look increasingly out of touch with what is really happening out there. And for that alone, they need to take a swallow of STFU and let DHS do its job.

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What does it take to arrest these people? Another domestic attack?

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