Friday, June 12, 2009

morning joke or joe, trying to CLEAN up what he meant about the DHS report (Video)

No matter what Joe Scarborough tries to say or do, the fact and video tells it all, as he and Mika laughs it off about the DHS report and calls Janet Napolitano, "off her rocker". Now, he tries or attempts to say his point and anger on the report was due to former veterans joining these right wing hate groups, when it was an 88 year old, former military officer who was the shooter in Wednesday's Holocaust Museum tragedy.

The point is this, it does not matter how old or what war a former vet comes from, the point is how or why they decided to go down the rabbit hole of hate. It does not matter how old one is when a decision is made to go down this road of hate, the point is that hate and racism has no age barrier.

For Joe Scarborough to try to clean up his act is a tad bit late, because he was called on it. And as far as exploitation? Joe Scarborough does it every single damn day that he is on television, trying to twist and turn words about his conservatism, when he is one of the worst hosts on television.

Words matter Scarborough and your side, the right and all that bulls*it that is continually spouted out is the reason why Americans have decided to not LISTEN TO YOU. As long as the right have divisive characters to continue to trot out divisive and bigoted statements, the public will continue to rebuke you. And justly so.

See and read the whole thing here, with all the conservative media in an uproar on the DHS report that ended up being CORRECT. Again, are you laughing now Joe?

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