Tuesday, June 9, 2009

morning joke or joe, pimping his book, but...

morning joke says there are "2 conservatives for every liberal"? And cites one poll, the Pew Poll?

My question is this, "What the hell happened to them on November 4, 2008?"

Again, this constant bullsh*t that this country is center right is just that bullsh*t.

If this country was so center right, why has the Republican Party lost representation in New England? Down to 2 representatives in New York? Rapidly, losing ground in the Midwest? Lost ground out West? California is gone for a long time!!! And only has held onto the South?

If this every "2 conservatives for every liberal" is true, why the hell are the Republicans not in power?

Again, you don't win elections on the left or the right, only. If you don't get the independent voters, new voters, young voters, get disenfranched voters out to the polls, your party will look like the current Republican Party. If you don't have ideas that transcend to voters, they will continue to put you on mute. But more importantly, if you have relegated your party to a bunch of pale, stale, males then you got what we saw on November 4, 2008.

Joe Scarborough needs to take Keith Olbermann's advice and get a shovel for the sh*t he is saying. A throwback from 2008....

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