Monday, June 8, 2009

Here comes the reality on the stimulus package

I am for the stimulus package, but I have written that it won't make any difference if you are losing hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process. Job loss is a figure that the general public understands, which does not help the economy for spending and puts folks in the what we need only mode. The current job loss has slowed to the 340,000 area, but the overall unemployment in this country is 9.4%, and folks that is not good, overall.

Now that reality is setting in as the government has shelved out massive amounts of money, the knives are out for the Obama Administration and these so called jobs that are supposed to be saved or created and why the money is slow getting to the ground.

President Barack Obama is promising to deliver more than 600,000 jobs through his $787 billion stimulus plan this summer, repackaging a pledge the administration made weeks earlier as the economy continues to lose hundreds of thousands of jobs each month.

Obama spotlighted billions in federal agency spending planned this summer in an announcement Monday designed to draw attention to his stimulus program. Much of the spending he announced already was in the works, including hundreds of maintenance projects at military bases, about 1,600 state road and airport improvements, and federal money states budgeted for 135,000 teachers, principals and school support staff.

Obama's promise to create large numbers of jobs — a vow that Vice President Joe Biden made last month — quickly drew criticism from oponents and economists who have argued his stimulus plan thus far hasn't delivered. read more here....

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