Monday, June 8, 2009

Terry McAuliffe looks like he is headed for defeat, ON PAPER

Al Rodgers had a diary up on Daily Kos last night about the eminent defeat of Terry McAuliffe's run for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Man, I wish I could believe that, but I am skeptical. Highly skeptical.

The PPP poll for the Virginia Governor's race was released yesterday with Creigh Deeds leading in double digits. Now, we have the SUSA poll released today confirming Deeds double digit lead.

I am not a Terry McAuliffe fan. I think the man is a fair weathered friend, a bullsh*tter to the max, changes his course depending on the wind and highly suspect. But, he is a known entity to millions of Democrats due to his relationship to the Clintons. Do I want McAuliffe to win? NO.

The reality though is this, Deeds has the momentum, got a huge endorsement from Washington Post and is riding high now. The thing is that he let most of his staff go to wage an air war, at the time, which has helped him.

Winning elections is more about poll numbers, but a combination of things. Deeds has little or no ground support or ground game. GOTV (get out the vote) is critical for low turnout primaries/elections as the one tomorrow in Virginia. Deeds non-existent GOTV is the unanswered question here for any victory.

If Terry McAuliffe wins, it is because of GOTV and money. Simple as that.

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