Thursday, January 22, 2009

See the OLD White House Computer Equipment?

See that equipment above? That is ARCHAIC, OLD, BROKE DOWN, computer equipment in the White House.

No wonder Obama's website, is not totally there, yet.

I don't blame IT, techies, whining and complaining on equipment like that. In fact, my husband and I went through a bunch of computers (yes, we are both in it) and put them out to pasture that was sitting in a corner in one of our rooms. And that monitor? Are you scared, yet? OMG, have you heard of FLAT SCREENS? Hello? FLAT SCREENS? It reduces the space on your desk/workstation, ultra cool and replaces the 100 pound, clunky monitor.

There is nothing sexy or cool about that old assed equipment above, sorry I had to go there.

White House, first thing on the list, NEW COMPUTER EQUIPMENT, ASAP. For us, we to have a savvy, techie President of the United States and he does not have a laptop or have to look at ancient computer equipment which is not doable for 2009, is just a shame.


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