Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Michelle Obama's Inaugural Day Outfit to be sold at Barney's

Per MSNBC, for a cool, $1500.00 for the whole outfit. And Michelle paid $1500.00 for the outfit.

For regular joe-etta's that is a bit much, but if you look at the whole outfit, the price tag is not that bad.

The jewel-collared, pale yellow lace coat, sweater and sheath dress ensemble featured a clever hidden layer of tulle, Pashmina and Swiss wool lace to help the first lady stave off the cold. Obama accessorized with green Jimmy Choo shoes and green gloves from J.Crew.

Toledo, who only learned that Obama would wear her design early Tuesday morning, told the Associated Press, "It's not just my moment and hers, but it's the world's." She said she chose the "lemongrass" color of the outfit for the optimism it represents, fitting as the Obama campaign based it's message on hope and optimism. "That color has sunshine in it," she said.

Many applauded the choice.

"I think Isabel did a brilliant job," says Simon Doonan, of Barney's New York.

The famously imaginative creative director spent the day changing three windows of the Madison Avenue flagship store to pay homage to the designer who is sold exclusively at Barney's in this region. "It's about formality, appropriateness and history and it is not the same rules as the red carpet," said Doonan. "The dress was regal and appropriate."

"I thought she looked beautiful," said Adam Glassman, Oprah Magazine's creative director. "With just that touch of embellishment, I think it came across as being special without being too royal. It was not like she was wearing the crown jewels."

And he likes the way she wears it. "She looks pulled together and chic but not scary fashionista. She wears it real, and you see her first, you're not looking at the outfit."

Though Obama looked presidential in a dark suit, red tie and white shirt, topped by an overcoat adorned with an American flag pin, new first kids Malia and Sasha Obama nearly stole the show in their bright coats by crewcuts, the children's division of J.Crew. Malia, 10, wore a double-breasted dark periwinkle blue coat with a ribbon at the waist, and Sasha,7, glowed in a guava pink coat with orange scarf and gloves and the hem of a coral dress peeking out.

I guess the fashionista's will be following Michelle and the Wee-Michelle's for the next four years.


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