Monday, January 19, 2009

Michelle? Girl, what are you wearing tomorrow?

The world or let me put it this way, the fashion industry is waiting with baited breath on what Michelle Obama will wear tomorrow. Rumor is that she is too busy to choose what to wear.

Well, I can understand and then I have my finger out shaking it at Michelle.

I understand that this is totally new for her, she has literally moved three times in a month and her children, family are her number one priority. I also understand that maybe, Michelle is causing a furor because she wants to.

Everyone is stating the "First Lady to Be" always releases the designer and sketches 36 hours prior. I say, and????? Well, many think it gives the fashion mouthpieces time to analyze their take on television, pump up the designer, and get buzz for business, yeah all that without seeing her in the dress. My take, so what. Yes, that is cavalier but none of these rules about what the "First Lady to Be" are etched in stone. Michelle Obama can release her information tomorrow or just let you see what she wears when she steps outside of the White House. Is that so bad?

These fashion houses are taking a hit while we are going through economic strife, many average Americans can't afford those price tags, anyway. Michelle Obama will be a trend setter, but in her way, not the way that everyone else wants her to be. In stating this, I don't expect Michelle to be a frumpy thing, I mean she will be the First Lady of this nation and that is status alone.

Lastly, I am of the consensus that Michelle, girl, I am really hoping you are not picking that Inaugural gown while standing in your closet tomorrow evening thinking, "What am I going to wear?" This is a one time dress worn and then donated to the Smithsonian, I am really hoping thought and preparation was made WAYYYYY ahead of time and that you are just taunting the press with not revealing any information.

Yes, I really hope so, because we don't want your first important step to be a fashion disaster.


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