Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rush Limbaugh wants Obama to Fail (Video)

It is wackjobs like Limbaugh that has the Republican Party and the GOP in a clusterf**k. You feel me???

America is quickly seeing its financial standing go down the drain, we are spending billions fighting a senseless war, and Americans have just voted for change, and Rush Limbaugh wants to see the president fail.

No one should be shocked. This is a guy who thinks he is the smartest person in the room, no matter how many are there. He's still seething that his little game of having conservatives vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton in various primaries did nothing to derail President Barack Obama to the White House.

Now he is basking in the media glow of pronouncing that he wants to see the president fail, and he tries to justfiy it by saying liberals didn't want to see President George W. Bush succeed, so why should he feel differently?

This is a prime example who the folks that listen to him are nuts, especially those blue collar workers with high school degrees. He wants to see you stay broke as hell while he sucks down $100 million a year.

For me, I never want to see any president fail. If America's president fails, we fail, and no one should want that.

Well, now Rush has to sit back and look at Obama and call him Mr. President when speaking of him for the next four years. That's probably what really pains him. But he'll just have to deal with it!


Rush Limbaugh now is cleaning up what he really meant, read it here.

h/t Roland Martin

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