Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Morning Roundup by Kula2316 on Obama's Inauguration

Kula2316 is a diarist over at Daily Kos who puts up a daily Morning Reaction diary. (and I read it every morning, it is worth the read)

Today's diary is full of nuggets.

First, two polls have Obama soaring with public optimism with him in charge.

Kula writes about Obama and his new network, "Organizing for America". Keeping all of his supporters in the loop, keep the energy going.

Shephard Fairley has become an internationally known artist, much to his Obama HOPE posters. Well, the Obama HOPE portrait was unveiled and is on display at the National Portrait Gallery. Yeah, I have one of his pieces and just order the special inaugural one. Look to your left and click on the Obama Inaugural Store.

Obama was a splash on all the major newspapers for his "Whistle Stop Tour".

Read Kula's Morning Reaction, here.

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