Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The far righties are out of their minds

For those who missed the swearing in of President Barack Obama, let me recap. The oath was fine until Justice Roberts sorta messed up the WORDS. It was Obama, by watching the video, paused and let Justice Roberts recoup and get the wording correct. And another instance when Obama's wording was switched, which the righties are harping on.

Just as the far righties had lawsuits in the courts stating Obama was not a citizen, here we go again. He is not the President because the oath of office was not administered correctly and of course this is Obama's fault, totally.

On Fox News, Chris Wallace just speculated that President Obama might still legally be regular ol' Barack Obama, because his botched oath doesn't count.

Of course, expect frivolous lawsuits and expect the lawsuits to be thrown out.

Lastly, it is this behavior that have the Republicans in the weeds. America is tired of this bickering and especially on things that is totally ridiculous. Sigh.


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