Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama is still walking around with that Blackberry

In this age of the 21st Century, I never understood the lame excuse that Obama could not keep his Blackberry. I also wrote that the Presidential Records Act needs a face lift.

Well, we see he is still walking around with his Blackberry. As it should be.

Barack Obama gets to keep his beloved BlackBerry with him in the White House for personal use, a victory for the man considered the country's first high-tech president.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said today that a small group of senior advisers — as well as personal friends — will be permitted to have the e-mail address that reaches Obama's smartphone.

The president has been adamant about continuing to use a BlackBerry, which has Internet and e-mail access, despite concerns that likely have made the National Security Agency as nervous as the Secret Service on Inauguration Day when Obama left his presidential limo twice to walk and wave to crowds along Pennsylvania Avenue.

The NSA works 24/7, there was NO REASON that Obama's Blackberry could not be encrypted and all information for that phone, email stored to a proprietary server. This is the 21st Century, not 1990.
Gibbs said Obama's use of the BlackBerry will be limited and security will be enhanced, most likely with heavy encryption to deter information from winding up in the hands of hackers or others who would want to see harm come to him or to the United States.

I am sure that heavy compromise was made, rules must be followed, and Obama KNOWS that anything he types is subject to the Presidential Records Act. That being said, "Way to Go!!!" I know I can not function without my PDA, everything is in on it and it is my computer on the go!!!!


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