Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama Morning Break. North Carolina VOTING, HEAVY.

Barack and John McCain at Al Smith Dinner, NYC


Vote Early in North Carolina

Mel Watt had a pretty simple message as he marched in the North Carolina A&T University homecoming parade last weekend. "Morning! Vote early! Avoid the rush!" the seven-term member of Congress called out. Watt didn't even bother saying whom to vote for; the crowd at the parade, many of them his constituents, were all pretty excited about the whole Democratic ticket in North Carolina, from Barack Obama on down. Watt's only goal was to get them to bank their votes well before Nov. 4. "Avoid the rush! Vote early!"

Early voting in North Carolina started Thursday; it's one of 31 states (plus the District of Columbia) that allow voters to cast ballots in person ahead of time without providing election officials with a reason they can't be there on Election Day. Which means that as both presidential campaigns shift from registering voters to getting out the vote, the election has actually already started. As much as 30 percent of the votes cast this fall will probably come in before Nov. 4, according to the National Association of Secretaries of State. continue

Hundreds are voting the lines are long in North Carolina. The folks are fired up and voting NOW. Don't know where to go in North Carolina, click here.


The Boss, the Piano Man and the Candidate
Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel were well into their act – playing at the same time, the same stage – when Senator Barack Obama arrived late Thursday night at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Mr. Obama waited in the wings for nearly an hour before taking the stage.

And not a soul seemed to mind – why would they? – as Billy Joel weighed in with a long reprise of “New York State of Mind.”

After hearing the song at countless rallies, “The Rising,” was played live for Obama fans who filled all tiers of the giant ballroom on West 34th Street in Manhattan. For a moment, Mr. Springsteen jumped onto the grand piano as Mr. Joel played “Allentown.” And later, Mr. Joel grabbed a guitar and joined The Boss for “Glory Days.”

John Legend and India Arie joined the two on stage in an upbeat rendition of “People Get Ready.”

The fund-raising concert benefited the Obama Victory Fund. No total estimate was provided, but tickets ranged from a balcony seat ($500, which sold out quickly) to a lounge ticket for $25,000. The ballroom’s event manager said 1,959 people were on hand.

Except for that monetary detail, it would have been easy to forget that this was an Obama event at all. Until, of course, Mr. Springsteen took his microphone and, surrounded by the other singers said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, you want to bring on the next president of the United States, Barack Obama!” continue

Joe on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Rise in Voting by Mail Transforms Race in Colorado
The presidential debate had barely ended Wednesday night when Kristin Marshall had her ballot on her lap, pen in hand, ready to vote. Three friends, all supporters of Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, had their ballots, too.

“Obama’s the second one down — don’t accidentally pick the first,” said Ms. Marshall, 27, a reference to the ballot placement of Senator John McCain, Mr. Obama’s Republican opponent, as her living room of Obama supporters erupted in laughter.

The traditional American vote — a solitary moment behind a black curtain in a booth, civics in secret — was never thus.

With Election Day less than three weeks away, the number of people voting by mail has exploded in Colorado, a closely divided state up for grabs in November. Nearly half of the state’s registered voters have requested ballots by mail, compelling the Obama and McCain campaigns to kick-start their get-out-the-vote efforts — and devise new and imaginative ones. continue


Barack in Londonderry, New Hampshire



Obama endorsed for President of the United States by the Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle

SNL Parody on the last Presidential Debate, Video Here

Obama, McCain Al Smith Dinner Video

Negative Robo Calls by the McCain/RNC against Obama

The Real Debate

Obama bets big on Florida turnout

Dems could win 60 Seats

Camapaign Appearances
check at Obama website, click on the top "states" and click your state for times and rsvp


Barack: Roanoke, Virginia

Hillary: Youngstown, Ohio; Delaware, Ohio

Joe: Mesilla, New Mexico; Henderson, Nevada

Jill: Columbia, Missouri; Hillsboro, Missouri


Barack: St. Louis, Missouri; Kansas City, Missouri

Jill: Cape Giradeau, Missouri


Barack: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Joe: Tacoma, Washington

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