Tuesday, October 14, 2008

David Gregory, MSNBC, Cherry Pickin' Polls

David Gregory is rumored to be a host of Meet the Press.

Meet the Press was one of the most unbiased shows under the flagship of the late, Tim Russert.

Sorry, Gregory is no Russert, he is plainly biased and yes, I say a Republican.

Why in the mickey-fickey would you cherry pick old polls, look at the dates, for Virginia and North Carolina when RECENT polling is out with Obama leading.

Now Gregory can not use the "I did not know" line, when MSNBC are rolling these state polls out DAILY, I mean DAILY. So, Gregory and crew decides to use old ass polls to make the public BELIEVE that the race is tight in North Carolina and Virginia?

Who does he think we are, "Dumb or somethin'?"

David Gregory, MSNBC, CLEAN IT UP.

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