Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kill Obama, Again at Palin's Scranton, Pennsylvania Rally, TODAY

1:25 p.m.

Chris Hackett addressed the increasingly feisty crowd as they await the arrival of Gov. Palin.

Each time the Republican candidate for the seat in the 10th Congressional District mentioned Barack Obama the crowd booed loudly.

One man screamed "kill him!"

Supporters have been noted shouting “kill him,” “terrorist,” “off with his head” and other equally incendiary terms about Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Others have directly suggested Mr. Obama is a Muslim, which he is not, or a traitor. Some comments even drew rebuke from Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

This is ENOUGH. Just ENOUGH.

We need to win this election to bring transparency, honor, truthfulness and leadership back to the next Head of State.

Get involved in this campaign. Look to the left under "About Barack Obama" and get busy. If we want change we need to VOTE FOR IT.

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