Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is McCain pulling out of Wisconsin?

Per WisPolitics:

The Republican National Committee hasn’t booked ads for the next week in Wisconsin TV markets after running a series of spots attacking Barack Obama and congressional Dems, according to TV sources.

The decision comes amid speculation on whether Republicans may pull back in Wisconsin after several polls in the past week showed Obama up over John McCain by double digits. An RNC spokesman referred calls to the party’s independent expenditure operation, which is in charge of the TV ad buys.

An official with the party’s IE arm did not immediately return a call from WisPolitics seeking comment.

Sources at Wisconsin TV stations in Eau Claire, Green Bay and Milwaukee said the RNC's latest buy ended Tuesday and no new purchases had been made for the week of Oct. 15-21. McCain’s campaign has TV buys in Wisconsin at least through Sunday.

A source at a Green Bay station said the RNC didn’t have anything running statewide for the next week. The group had been booking air time from week to week, but the RNC hasn't indicated if it will return to the air after the week of Oct. 15-21, the source said.

One Milwaukee station source said he had expected an RNC buy and said he was "shocked" that it hadn't reserved time for the rest of this week Republican National Committee halting ads in Wisconsin, Maine; focusing on red states.

If true, not surprised.

Just look at the treadline and the recent polls. McCain/Palin not making headway and losing on the economy.

Remember, McCain is now forced to defend all the Bush states, and it is grim.


Per First Read, McCain is not pulling out but the RNC is.

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