Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama, "Too Cool, For School". Give the debate to Obama.

This was McCain.

Joe the Plumber.

Washed up ol' terrorist.

Whining about an apology from Obama, on what Congressman John Lewis said. (And Roland Martin, CNN, was correct, want an apology, call John Lewis)

The angry old man.

Brought up Ayers and stayed on Ayers, and the lines on CNN went NEGATIVE for McCain on Ayers.

ACORN? NOBODY cares about Ayers or ACORN, McCain!!!! sigh.

Both issues Ayers and ACORN Obama explained, NEXT?

Obama talked pocketbook issues. Talked about schools, healthcare, even got points on abortion.

CBS/Times and CNN Poll: Obama wins big.

Media Curves, scores it for Obama

and FOX Focus Group and CNN Focus Group, tilted Obama.

Lastly, the best line of McCain was, "I am not George Bush." The problem is he should have said this MONTHS AGO.

Too little, too late.

In the end, Barack Obama was too cool, for school. Nothing bothers this man. He looked and behaved PRESIDENTIAL.

Now it is GOTV time to pull Obama over the line to be "44".

Full video of the debate will be up later.

Obama's Closing Argument and the "ask" for your "VOTE"

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