Friday, October 17, 2008

New Obama Ad, "It Gets Worse", (Video)

Healthcare Ad


McCain Healthcare Plan

McCain website, flips to previous Healthcare ad "Prescription"

Wall Street Journal article and headline

[Wall Street Journal, 10/16/08]

Video profiles of seniors with text:

$882 Billion

Cut from Medicare

Requiring Cuts

Benefits Eligibility Both

[Center for American Progress Action Fund 10/08]

Taxing Health Benefits

Cutting Medicare

We Can't Afford John McCain

Barack with senior(s)

John McCain's health care plan ... first we learned he's going to tax health care benefits to pay for part of it.

Now the Wall Street Journal reports John McCain would pay for the rest of his health care plan "with major reductions to Medicare and Medicaid."

Eight hundred and eighty-two billion from Medicare alone.

"Requiring cuts in benefits, eligibility, or both."

John McCain ... Taxing Health Benefits ... Cutting

Medicare. We Can't Afford John McCain.

I'm Barack Obama and I approved this message.

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