Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama on Meet the Press, July 27, 2008

from london, england

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Anonymous said...

Tom Brokaw was quite hostile toward Senator Obama and his bias against the Senator was quite apparent from the outset. He continually tried to catch him off-guard, attempting to stop Senator Obama from providing a complete and comprehensive answer to the questions.

This July 27 "Meet the Press" was introduced as a summary of the Senator's recent Middle-eastern and European trip. Tom Brokaw's questioning was inflammatory and displayed unfair balance in seeking truth, but rather attempted to put Senator Obama off-stride.

Tim Russert would never have treated Senator Obama this way. TOM BROKAW IS NO TIM RUSSERT!!!

Patrick Tierney said...

It's interesting that when going over Senator Obama's itinerary, Brokow lists an engagement at the Brandenburg Gate--an event that the German's canceled due to the inappropriateness of it--a big news story.
It's even more interesting that Senator Obama doesn't correct Mr. Brokow on that point. Perhaps, being the cunning politician he's proven to be, he didn't want to draw attention to the embarassing, world class faux paux, as well as counting on the fact that those not aware of the uber blooper would think it true, and thus be impressed.