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"Obama Doesn't Understand"......

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Obama doesn't understand.

This is a loop-de-loop video opening that was shown on Morning Joe, here.

What can a candidate do if he is in the weeds? And the weeds, McCain is actually in.

It is unprecedented for a candidate to open attack three months before the election, and before his party's convention. It is. The reason for the weeds are those polling numbers. The Gallup Tracking Poll has Obama up 9 points. I am not a proponent of these tracking polls, in fact they are only useful a week out before an election, but it does not bode well for McCain. Next up is the Research 2000 National Poll which has Obama in double digits.

Folks, the ugly is rising its head.

How can the Republicans actually run on George W. Bush's record? The man is unliked here and internationally, Bush is toast. So, what can the Republicans offer this country?

UGLY. That is what they are going to offer. McCain now must go after Obama's character, early versus later. And going after his character he is.

First, is the outlandish statement of McCain attacking Obama on his patriotism. "It seems to me that Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign." This statement is totally over the top and inaccurate. To think that a war hero as John McCain would let this verbal viagra out of his mouth is unbelievable.

Then, he is starting to push on Obama's character even further.

"[McCain] can't beat him with the old 'liberal' playbook, they can't beat him by deploying the old social-cultural wedge issues, and it seems more and more that they won't be able to beat him on readiness and experience," said Dan Gerstein, a Democratic consultant whose clients have included Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman.

"So all they really have left is the personal stuff, first and foremost what I would call fear of the other, which is mostly but not exclusively about race, and goes to visceral issues of trust."

So, McCain is opening the playbook of character assassination, and muddy up the waters with innuendo.

John McCain through this past week has shown his total disdain of Barack Obama, his candidacy and his campaign. His attacks come across personal, mean spirited, tacky, and tasteless.
McCain’s turn to character also reflects his campaign’s deep, genuine contempt for Obama. As the Democrat enjoyed boffo media coverage and a warm reception at every turn on his foreign trip, McCain aides began to openly use their derisive nickname for him, "The One," mock some of his more gushing coverage, and draw a contrast between what they characterized as their candidate's demonstrated dedication to country and their rival's lip service to the same.

The tone is reminiscent of Hillary Rodham Clinton's disdainful mockery of Obama in the primary. "The skies will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect,” she said, just a touch sarcastically, of her rival. Her attack is also a reminder of the difficulty in landing a clean shot on Obama.

Read that last paragraph? This is the difficulty that McCain is challenged with. Instead of attempting to take Obama down with character, where is McCain's platform of what he is going to do for this country? I mean, that "Obama doesn't understand" says absolutely, NOTHING. After watching it, I came away with, "McCain doesn't understand."

Lastly, I am happy with the polling numbers, but it is too early for anyone on this site to sit back and chill. We need to register voters in huge numbers, we need to make sure they come out to the polls and we need to continue to donate to Barack's campaign.


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