Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Obama and Supporters/Advocates, "Don't Sit On Your Laurels...."

I am confident in the abilities of Barack Obama.

I know that he intends to run an issue based campaign, one that many Americans are not used to. I know that he will stand and let the public know his viewpoint, how he feels about the issues and if he differs, that is ok. We all don't agree.

But, and I mean but, for John McCain going negative, early, don't sit on your laurels.


I wrote yesterday that it is unprecedented for negative campaigns this early.

If it was another candidate, a known quantity, the negative campaigning necessarily may not have started so early. But Obama is new on the national scene, his federal legislation is thin, so the only thing the Republicans can do is distort any factual record and go negative on the character issue.

I don't put much in the polls, and definitely not that confusing Gallup Poll. Again, I mentioned forget the daily tracking polls, forget the national polls, but focus on the state polling. Another caveat, the case is still out on the "overseas" polling and it does appear that he had a bounce, so this is still a "wait and see" matter.

Obama did the right thing going overseas, he needed to put the issue of "does he look like the Commander-in-Chief" to bed, he did. But never underestimate the power of negative polling.

So, far the lying camp called John McCain are pushing the lies so far, it is unbelievable. My concern? You can not and should not let these ads sit there and fester. We have seen this show and it did not end well.

There is no way that Barack Obama is responsible for high gas prices. Sorry, that ad, I even laughed, nor should he be raked over the coals for making a decision to not politicize his meeting of the injured troops in Germany. Which the words, "Shame on you John McCain" must come from back to front.

The Obama Campaign have been astute to respond, when necessary, but Robert Gibbs, bless him, did not do a convincing job, in my view, yesterday to slam a nail in the coffin on this McCain distortion about the troops.

On MSNBC, it was stated that the McCain Campaign will continue to put out these negative ads, in conjuction with the RNC. My prediction, the real power house will be in October when 527s will be hot and heavy in negativity.

Remember, John McCain is no saint. This election is about Barack Obama, whether we like it or not. Our job is to move the media narrative to focus on the issues, not personal characterizations.

I am a Barack Obama supporter, but my head is not in the sand. This campaign is about fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of Obama. This campaign is about the unknown versus old comfortable houseshoes or that raggedy, comfy chair in the corner. Folks, it is.

Leave no stone unturned, don't have your happy "drink", of your choice, in your hand yet. This race is far from over. We need to turn the electorate out as never done before in presidential politics. We need to register folks to vote at an unprecendented pace, never done before. And we need to continue to fund our candidate, like never before.

This election is up to us.


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