Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Morning Cable Desk Clerks Are Busy Chirping Away!!!

obama at the democratic caucus meeting


Got up this morning, sipping coffee, reading emails and have Morning Joe on in the background.

The whole premise of this show, today, is to make news folks, to examine every single word that is given out right from a candidate or even second hand.

Barack Obama had an amazing week last week, no one can say he did not, even if you don't like the guy the images told the story.

Now we have to listen to supported "character attacks" from the cable desk clerks.

I call alot of these folks this term, "cable desk clerks", primarily because many times they come across with a thinkingless pea for a brain, than actually using whatever "journalistic" qualities for the good of the show or hour in which they hold. In other words, robotic teleprompter readers.

Joe Scaroborough is a former Republican congressman from Pensacola, Florida. He now has this show to show off his "analytic qualities". Sometimes he is on the mark, sometimes ok, and sometimes just full of "cockiness shit".

He came off as the latter versus the former today.

This whole premise of Obama is coming off too confident, cocky, is just what Scaroborough is. He did not get to his position in life without believing in himself, sorry Joe, you did not.

All politicians are full of it. John McCain is so full of it I could write a hundred books on him. He is uninspiring; looks lifeless; can't even attack well (and we know what that looks like, Hillary, whether you liked her or not, could stand with the best of them in throwing a punch and taking it); can barely get folks out to listen to his boring position or rant; has a wife worth over 100M, who can not relate to the average American, sorry John you can't not when you have a wife that spends over 750K a month on her AMEX bill as that is the "norm" and state the only way to get around Arizona is via a plane; from the old boys network of "do as I say and do it now"; has lived in D.C. for over 25 years; has the beltway bought stamped on his "you know what; don't know how to use the greatest 20th century invention called the computer and the internet; and is just too old to take.

All that above is a shitload of cockiness, confidence and arrogance. A stamp of a politician, even the former congressman, called Joe Scarborough.

Barack Obama is a politician. He is a bi-racial politician whose every word is examined like a doctor is examining you bodily. For all these cable desk clerks to go ranting on a second-hand statement from a Democratic Caucus Meeting, which could be misquoted, is totally and utterly ridiculous. Next, whether the man was at a fundraiser or the Democratic Caucus Meeting is he supposed to say, "Gee, we are not doing well, I am behind in money, I don't think we can win?" Damn, now Chuck Todd states the statement was taken out of context. Who knew?

There must not be enough news going on to parse and examine every word of a second hand statement that Obama was supposed to say. So, it is just time to make shit up, whether it is true or not.

I am glad it is July and not October. Most people are not paying attention. We saw this show before it was called "pre-primaries", this time last year all these same desk clerks were chirping, "Why is Obama not doing better? Why can't he connect to the voter?" "Is race an issue?" Well, they all shut up after Iowa.

This election is going to be about Barack Obama. Will the voters vote for him, etc. John McCain is not going to do much. He will continue his dishonorable, weak attacks and just think the public will gravitate to the "good old and I mean old, shoe you feel comfortable with." The problem with this is that people are sick and tired of the GOP and had that "good old shoe" and it destroyed this country. We have seen this show, in fact, we have lived through this show and are still living through this show, it is called, "George W. Bush and the Republican Party." Don't need to write more on that one.

Finally, we are all on pins and needles. We know the wind is to the Democrats back in this election. We also know that we were courageous to pick Obama as our guy for our party. Each of us have a responsibility to get it right and not allow this misreporting of so-called "reporters" and "cable desk clerks".

Joe Scarborough need to shut up. If he is going to rant about a second-hand quote or blind item place in the Washington Post, which now is being reported as misquoted and way out of context, he is not doing his job on getting the story right, straight and accurate.

Nuff said.

Update [2008-7-30 9:48:11 by icebergslim]:
The Democrats at this meeting is reporting the Washington Post taking the whole statement or statements or his visit (Obama's) out of context, here.


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Pictures of the Democratic Caucus Meeting, here.

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