Thursday, July 31, 2008

America, A Question: What Do You Want?


I had a home emergency and our able, reliable central air decided to demise. To join the "air conditioning sky".

Yes, we tried everything, but to no avail had to replace the unit.

So, the icebergslim household have been hot as hell, dog not happy, staying in the lower level with the fan blasting, until our replacement unit arrived today.

Damn, wish I was back in the UP in Michigan...anyway, now I got to pause and read what the McCain Camp has hoped and wished for.

Obama plays the race card. Jump, please.


Look, I knew from the outset before the primary that the race would be about well, race. And now that McCain is tied to the Bush/Rove operators, they have no recourse but to divide this country down racial lines.

I know, folks are about to state, don't say it, but guess what? I am. That is what Hillary Clinton did to remain, relevant and beat Obama handily the second part of the primary. Let's be honest, she did. We all love Hillary, now, but hey that is what she did.

Now McCain is running the Hillary Clinton Campaign, Redeux.

Only, they are going to assimilate to no end. Their only weapon is Barack Obama. Make him unacceptable, vile, bile, straight up no good, for you to vote for. To do this is to inject race.

See running a campaign about issues, well, is to their detriment. The Republican Party is going down for congressional seats in November, their only sliver of hope is to destroy the "black guy, bi-racial guy" who is the Democratic Party's nominee.

The Republican Party have nothing to offer this country. McCain is in bed with Bush on every talking point. It is up to the Obama Campaign to do the following:

McCain = Bush = Status Quo

JedReport has been shouting this for months. Now it is up to the Obama Campaign to drive this home every freakin' day until November 4th. Forget being nice, be factual and hard hitting. That is the mission of the Obama Campaign.

Now, America it is up to you. What do you want? What are you feelin'?

America, it is up to you. Choose.

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