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Evening Wrap Up...This Economy is Screwed Up...For Real...

obama at his economic summit, in washington, d.c.

Obama Economic Summit Pictures


This Economy is in the toilet, and Bush is leaving the next president a 485B deficit, not including the war

I don't care how you want to slice or dice this, but that budget deficit is a hot mess, and it does not include the Iraq/Afghanistan War bill. So, you know, that won't be known until George W. Bush is one foot out of the White House Door.

The White House predicted on Monday that the Bush administration would bequeath a record deficit of $482 billion to the next president — a sobering turnabout in the nation’s fiscal condition from 2001 when President Bush took office and inherited three consecutive years of budget surpluses.

See, Bush has a surplus and blew it. Yes, we were attacked, but it was the mismanagement of the Bush Administration that blew this deficit to where it is. Remember, China, yes, China owns the United States of America. We owe China huge, massive, big money. And that my friends is the caveat we won't know until the most unpopular president in history is removed, permanently from Washington, D.C.
By most accounts, the worst seems yet to come. The deficit announced by Jim Nussle, the White House budget director, does not reflect the full cost of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the potential $50 billion cost of another economic stimulus package or the prospect of steeper losses in tax revenue or further declines in the housing market.

Mr. Nussle also predicted Monday that the deficit would more than double in the current 2008 fiscal year — to $389 billion, from $162 billion in 2007.

The deficit projected for 2009 would be the largest in absolute terms. The White House and many economists prefer to measure the deficit as a share of the economy. The White House said the 2009 deficit would be 3.3 percent of the economy. That is the largest share since 2004, but well below the percentages recorded in the mid-1980s and early 1990s.

The outlook for the budget will crimp the ability of the next president to carry out ambitious spending plans of any kind. continue

Also, Obama blames the decisions of the Bush Administration and Wall Street for the economic woes in this country. He is right. Bush Administration for the horrible decision of the Iraq War, opening up the coffers for mercenaries like Blackwater, Halliburton, and lining the pockets of K Street. Wall Street for greed. For no guidelines in the housing market, to purposely underwrite loans to millions of families who could not afford the home and to pocket the money. This is greed of the utmost. Read it here.


Remember, Monica Goodling....

and Keith's take on Monica?

Well, she was one of the dumbest persons to ever hold a high ranking job in the justice department. She is also remembered for her testimony against the dumbest Attorney General, ever, Alberto Gonzales. Well, she got immunity for her performance and guess what? After thorough investigation it was found out that she and other aides DID politicized hirings in the justice department.
Top aides to former Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales employed a political and ideological litmus test to weed out candidates for career and other positions at the Justice Department, an internal department report concluded Monday.

The audit by the department's Office of Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility concluded that former Gonzales aides Monica Goodling and Kyle Sampson violated department policies and federal civil-service laws.

Both Goodling and Sampson left the Justice Department last year amid the tumult surrounding the alleged politicization of its ranks under Gonzales that included the politically charged firing of nine U.S. attorneys. It was unclear whether either individual would be disciplined since they had left government.

Gonzales himself was generally unaware of his aides' actions, and took steps to head off untoward hiring practices when he became aware of them, the report concluded. Gonzales' lawyer issued a statement Monday saying the findings vindicate the former attorney general.

The report provides a more detailed examination of questionable moves by Goodling and others that emerged in congressional hearings last year. Goodling, after receiving a grant of congressional immunity, acknowledged before the House Judiciary Committee that she had "crossed a line" and allowed political and other impermissible factors to affect her hiring decisions.

Goodling was the White House liaison at the Justice Department; Sampson was Gonzales' chief of staff.

The latest disclosures include a finding that Goodling rejected the application of a career terrorism prosecutor who wanted to work at Justice Department headquarters because his wife was active in local Democratic politics.

Goodling also sought out the advice of the White House and other Republicans in filling vacant immigration judge positions. Goodling -- who declined to be interviewed by the authors of the report -- previously testified that she believed it was legal to consider political factors in selecting judges based on advice she had received from Sampson.

The report also found that Goodling discriminated against another career department attorney who had applied for several temporary details because she was perceived to be having a lesbian relationship with a U.S. attorney. The report does not identify either of the women but says that both denied having such a relationship. continue

One of the dumbest hires EVAH....for real....


Rumor mill, amuck, Governor Tim Kaine (D-VA) on the very, very, very, short list for VP
As Senator Barack Obama turns to the choice of his running mate, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has emerged as one of the campaign’s potential finalists, sources familiar with conversations in Richmond and in Chicago said.

Kaine, an early Obama supporter whose biography nicely dovetails with the Illinois senator’s, "ranks very, very high on the short list," said a source who has spoken recently to senior Obama aides about Kaine.

Kaine "is getting a critical examination," the source said.

The 50-year old Virginia governor is among a handful of logical, and much-discussed, choices to join Obama on the campaign trail. Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, former Georgia Sen, Sam Nunn, and Delaware Senator Joe Biden are among others frequently mentioned. continue


The McCain Attacks Continue.....Polls are convoluted and Obama don't sit and not respond....


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