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Obama, Yes to 3 Debates...Florida Pictures...

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Many have debated whether or not Obama should take McCain up for any of those "townhall/Lincoln-Douglass style debates", well the finality has hit, at least this is my interpretation.

Democratic candidate Barack Obama on Saturday backed further away from rival John McCain's challenge for a series of Lincoln-Douglas debates, agreeing only to the standard three face-offs in the fall proposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Many still don't understand why McCain was crying for these type of debates back in June and still now. Let's put our strategy hats on for a few.

John McCain was only relevant this week by going negative, extremely negative. He started last week while Obama was on his Middle East/European Tour and revved up his engine this week.

These tv ads and some webads were primarily targeted to the main stream media. When you look at his ad purchase, especially the Paris/Britney ad, this ad has hardly played anywhere, with the exception for the loop-de-loop of the cable desk clerks.

Which brings me to this point. Why would Barack Obama want to share the stage with John McCain with the exception of the presidential debate commission sanctioned debates? Why give McCain any free media oxygen? You see what he had to do to get free media to pay attention to him. The McCain Campaign have produced over the top ads against Obama just to become relevant again. Hell, John even had a press conference, yesterday, his first in almost two weeks and the press actually showed up!

Obama will get nothing much out of having some town hall meetings/debates with McCain. Who is the draw here? Not McCain. And why should McCain be allowed to be on the same stage as Obama, getting free press and sizing Obama up. Forget it. Stick with the sanctioned debates in the fall, besides Friday the Olympics starts and that will suck up all the media attention. Too late for these type of debates. Lastly, after that ABC Debate in Pennsylvania with Hillary and the right wing talking points that good ol' Georgy used, why should we be bothered with more of the same from these media desk clerks?
The first debate planned by the commission is set for September 26 in Oxford, Mississippi, three weeks after the Republican National Convention concludes September 4. The other presidential debates are set for October 7 and October 15 and the vice presidential debate for October 2.

The Obama Campaign has officially said not no to the townhall requests, but look how they have played this. Do you think they will say yes, at this point?

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