Friday, January 16, 2009

The Vatican is stuck in the 20th Century mode

I had to read this article, twice, "Less gay behavior in seminaries, Vatican says.

The problem with this analogy is that the Vatican, Catholic Church allowed and HID pedophiles. Period.

Vatican let's not get this twisted, ok? Gay Americans, most, just as heterosexuals are not looking for children/minors to have sex with, but pedophiles ARE. The definition of a pedophile is this:

   /ˈpidəˌfaɪl/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [pee-duh-fahyl] Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun Psychiatry.
an adult who is sexually attracted to young children.

From the above definition, ALONE, equates that the roving priests who were sexually assaulting children during their tenure were and are pedophiles. And this means that the Vatican has a very hard time in understanding the difference of pedophilia and homosexuality.
A Vatican office that evaluated U.S. Roman Catholic seminaries in response to the clergy sex abuse scandal concluded that administrators have been effective in stopping "homosexual behavior" in the schools although the agency said the problem still exists.

Did the Catholic Church ever stand back and question this, "Why is it that every time I move a priest, he is caught again with a CHILD?" The Vatican can't answer this basic question because the institution is too busy trying to blame anything or anyone on behavior from pedophile priests they had under their watch.

I was raised Catholic, I am not a practicing one. I went to Catholic schools through elementary, high school and part of my college years. I have broken with the church on many issues, including sex education, birth control, and issues with women being priests, but the sex scandal for me was it. Now the real outrage is this passage:
The Vatican also directed evaluators to look for "evidence of homosexuality" in the schools.

This statement is supposed to make many feel better, trust the Vatican to police their own, as in priests in training. My take, the statement reads like a pre-lynching. And what is the Vatican going to do? And what is the definition of "evidence of homosexuality"? Is there a litmus test there, or is this an "opinion" test? Sigh.

See for me, the Vatican, the mouthpiece of the Catholic Church, is the last organization to speak on any authority when it comes to homosexuality, because they don't understand it. To throw the "homosexuality" phase around so easily and blame their pedophile priests on this lifestyle is denial of the utmost. These priests were criminals in their order and was hid repeatedly in other communities only to assault another child/children. This behavior has nothing to do with homosexuality, but being a manipulative, stone cold criminal, period.

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