Friday, January 16, 2009

More White House Staff Announcements

Today, President-elect Barack Obama announced the following White House staff: Danielle Crutchfield, Director of Scheduling for the President; Marvin Nicholson, Trip Director for the President; Emmett Beliveau, Director of Advance; and Patrick Dillon, Deputy Director of Political Affairs.

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Mrs. Michelle Obama today announced the following staff for the First Lady’s Office: David Medina as Deputy Chief of Staff, Jocelyn Frye as Director of Policy and Projects, Trooper Sanders as Deputy Director of Policy and Projects, Franny Starkey Sanguin as Director of Scheduling and Advance, Jennifer Goodman as Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events, Dana M. Lewis as Personal Aide, Kristen Jarvis as Special Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide, Tyler Lechtenberg as Director of Correspondence, Ebs Burnough as Deputy Social Secretary, Joe Reinstein as Deputy Social Secretary, Sally Armbruster as Staff Assistant to the Social Secretary, Joe Boswell as Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff, and Natalie Bookey as Staff Assistant.

“We are continuing to build a strong and experienced team and I couldn’t be more pleased with the smart, energetic and dedicated individuals that we are bringing into our office,” said Mrs. Michelle Obama. “I look forward to working with this talented group next week.”

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