Friday, January 16, 2009

Americans Believe in Obama

Another poll handing the Obama Team a good feeling to march onward with their agenda.

The USAToday/Gallup states, "Americans believe Obama will deliver despite down times."

Again, with all the distractions from Illinois, the debacle of the senate with the Burris appointment, and some hiccups in the transition, many Americans want Obama to continue full steam ahead and start fixing the mess that the Bush Administration has created in this country.

Americans are as down as they've been in decades about the state of the country and its polarized politics, even as they express soaring confidence that Barack Obama will be able to turn things around.

Iraq War was a major issue for many Americans but now it is only the economy.
Withdrawing most U.S. combat troops from Iraq, Obama's signature issue when he launched his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, ranks only sixth.

At the start of the campaign, Bonita Collins, 63, of Hornell, N.Y., supported Obama largely because of his pledge to end the war. "I'm from the Vietnam era," she says. "I was a peacenik then and I'm a peacenik now and that matters to me."

These days, though, Collins is more concerned about the faltering economy. She retired just three weeks ago from her job managing a home for the developmentally disabled. "Especially now that I'm retired, I'm concerned about that," she says.

The numbers for Barack Obama coming from all these recent polls is something George W. Bush NEVER had, which is good will from the American public. Also, remember though the Republicans have attempted to run around here stating this country is center/right, that is wrong. Barack Obama won the 2008 election with a resounding number, which means a MANDATE. The American public expects him to tackle the economy and all these other issues that he outlined during the campaign.
The towering ratings Obama receives from most Americans will give him political capital as he tries to pass his proposals, including a mammoth economic stimulus package that he says will cost about $850 billion. Those high hopes could give way to disenchantment, however, when problems erupt or promises are delayed — something Obama already has warned Americans to expect.

Obama has a tall task ahead of him, this country has been left in the worst shape ever. Not since FDR has the public's confidence in government and the real time realities that many are living have been so low.

And President George W. Bush? He is leaving office in disgrace, that is disgrace if you look at the poll numbers. He has the lowest approval ratings of any president ever. And good riddance to him.

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