Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Condi in the Spin Zone for Bush

I almost spit up my coffee after reading this from AMERICAblog, "Condi: We may look really bad now, but give us 30 years".

The detour, media spin continues from Bush & Company. After yesterday's disastrous presser from President Bush, we now have to read or listen to the drivel from Condolezza Rice.

This is a woman, who at one point, was considered by Rumsfeld and Cheney as a "high priced secretary" at most, even though in the beginning of the Bush Administration she was the National Security Adviser. In other words, she was considered a joke.

Who can forget Condi out whoopin' it up in New York City while the City of New Orleans and its citizens were fighting for its existence. And here is a timeline of how the whole Bush Administration was MIA for many days as citizens of New Orleans were literally dying in the streets. This was happening as we had a President of the United States who was so out of the loop, that his staff had to compile a dvd with news clips of what was really happening in New Orleans.

So, now Condi has the nerve to say, "just give us 30 years?" My God, if we really knew how inept those in charge were in the Bush Administration we would not have given any of them 30 seconds.

In a conversation that stretched to 75 minutes -- and which Rice seemed reluctant to end -- the secretary of state said she was counting the hours until Jan. 20. But she yielded little ground in defense of her record or the administration's performance over the past eight years. After being peppered with questions about regrets, she joked, "Aren't you going to say, 'Aren't you thrilled that . . .?' "

What is more important than current controversies, she argued, slapping the table for emphasis, is how the decisions will look 25 or 30 years from now. "If you get very focused on whether someone thinks your policies are popular, you won't do the right thing," she said.

Arguing that Iraq shows signs of becoming an inclusive state -- it even "declared Christmas a national holiday" -- Rice said that if the country eventually emerges as a democratic, multiethnic state that has friendly ties with the United States, "that will be more important than what anybody thought in 2002 or 2003."

Good-bye, Condi, good riddance.

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