Saturday, January 17, 2009

This is the impact of Barack Obama....

So, many people are coming to Washington, D.C., so many with private jets that Dulles Airport has to close one of their runways just to PARK THE JETS. for real.

President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration has already attracted the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Shakira to Washington. The four days of festivities also will bring so many private jets that airport authorities are closing a runway to park them.

The 9,400-foot runway at Washington Dulles International, one of three major airports serving the capital, closed at 5 p.m. yesterday to allow as many as 100 small planes to park there beginning today, said Tara Hamilton, a spokeswoman for the airport operator.

Hamilton’s Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is expecting 500 small jets to land at Dulles between yesterday and Jan. 21. That would set a record, topping the 300 the airport accommodated for President George W. Bush’s 2004 inaugural, Hamilton said.

Again, when was the LAST TIME, that we, Americans had this much anticipation, excitement? Again, I don't remember the last time, but I will remember this FIRST TIME.


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