Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More information on Michelle Obama's stylist

It was reported that Michelle's long time stylist, Rahni Flowers will help her on Inaugural Day.

Now more information is forthcoming:

Flowers, who with his partner Daryl Wells owns and operates the Van Cleef Hair Studio in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, has been styling Mrs. O’s hair since she graduated from high school. The salon, staffed by multi-cultural stylists, is known for its expertise with African-American hair. Many local television anchor-women of color are also Van Cleef regulars. For years, Flowers has spent approximately two hours a week coiffing Mrs. O’s hair. He is credited with giving her the Jackie-esque flip style she often wore in the beginning of the campaign and also with the straightened bob look she has sported in more recent months.

The 53-year-old Flowers, who also styles Mrs. O’s mother’s hair, will be flying into the District of Columbia on Sunday and is scheduled to do Mrs. O’s hair and makeup for the Inauguration ceremony and the evening balls. We certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he also is recruited to do some styling for Mrs. O’s Monday evening appearance at the “Celebration for America” concert at the Kennedy Center.

Now if we just knew what the Inaugural gown will be and if Maria Pinto is tapped from Chicago to design it?

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