Thursday, December 31, 2009

Obama and the polls a year later, not looking good

Again, Barack Obama and his mismanagement of the health care debate is a major reason why his poll numbers are where it is at, along with siding with the continuous bailouts of Wall Street, banks, automotive industry with NO RELIEF for Main Street. This equals anger out here and it is real. Barack Obama has done some good things, moving towards transparency, putting science first, standing with the military, movement in changing the education system, looking forward to climate change. But Obama must show more LEADERSHIP come 2010 because for many he lacked it in 2009. Sure, he had divisive people like the Republicans in his way, but they were always going to be there, Barack Obama must convey to this country what EXACTLY he wants, but more importantly he must DELIVER. And jobs? People don't believe this White House is focused on it, it clearly is displayed in the polling numbers. With no jobs, losing jobs, fear of losing jobs and the White House nonchalant to many, this is why the numbers are shitty.

Remember, people voted for Barack Obama on his agenda not for what is coming out of the White House now. So, if the middle class, independents, young, and many other are angry all Barack Obama needs to look at is right in his White House.

Until his behavior change, remove some people change, these polling numbers are going to continue to erode.

Wake up, Barack Obama. You are not on the ballot in 2010 but the WHOLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY is and if it is a bloodbath for Democrats, the blame will be put squarely on your shoulders.

The anger is real out here and our President better get in touch or we are talking bad times in 2010 for the Democratic Party.

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