Thursday, December 17, 2009

President Obama WORDS matter, as SEIU is weighing in on this health care bill (Video)

h/t Daily Kos

First, many may not understand the frustration of MANDATES. In this current bill that the White House wants, in order for the 30M+ individuals to be covered is to force them to purchase insurance. That is the mandate. But again, words matter and many remember, then Senator Obama campaigned AGAINST mandates, as follows:

Now this bill will cover everyone but you MUST purchase health insurance from these insurance companies or you will be FINED. That is the deficit neutral part of this bill because they are not paying for anything, we are.

And SEIU weighs in, full letter to members, and this is worth a read:

After a long internal debate, the SEIU has decided not to withhold support for the Senate health care bill or come out against it — the union is vowing to “continue to stand” with the President — but it is strongly criticizing the bill and demanding that Obama and Congress step up and do better.

In a letter to members, SEIU chief Andy Stern denounced the bill for falling short of “real and meaningful” change, for failing to tackle costs, for its tax on benefits, and for its lack of a Medicare buy-in or public option.

“We all stood shoulder to shoulder with the President during his hard fought campaign. And, we will continue to stand with him but he must fight for the reform we all know is possible,” Stern says, calling on the President to “fight like hell to deliver real and meaningful reform to the American people.”

The key words being, “we will continue to stand with him.” Of course, that could conceivably change, once more particulars of the bill are known or if it’s not altered in conference.

I don't think a thing will change and the Obama White House will push for this bill, even though every single poll out there states people want the public option. The Democrats have resulted to be very weak in my eyes, sure the argument continues of "we don't have the votes and must take what we can get", while this is going on their on base is walking away. It is their right and I don't blame them. This bill is not change we can believe in.


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