Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vice President Joe Biden stating Lieberman, "...is wrong on health care..." (Video)

Interesting the question that has hounded me for months, "Is congress scared, afraid of Barack Obama?" Why? Because George W. Bush practically passed everything he wanted and whipped his Republican congress in check to follow suit. This has not happened under Obama, which is why we see a fiasco with the health care insurance bill. More arm twisting would have been suffice to the likes of Nelson, Landrieu, Lincoln, Pryor, Bayh and Lieberman. Instead we have these people halting, stopping progress of this bill, including removing the public option and now about to remove the buy in for Medicare at 55. For me, where are the cost savings for my monthly premiums? It is NON-EXISTENT and thanks to the senate, many who have taken big checks from this industry is why it is so.

From morning joe....

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